How To: Create Your Own Run Command Shortcuts How To: Create Your Own Run Command Shortcuts

How To: Create Your Own Run Command Shortcuts



Here is a small but very useful trick. If you are a keyboard freak like me you will love this trick. We remember all run command shortcuts to quickly launch all Windows tools and control panel programs. Just like default run commands you can also create your own run commands in Windows.


The trick is simple. First go to Start menu, right-click on the program for which you would like to create a command, and create a shortcut of the program on desktop by choosing Send to option. This action creates a shortcut of your program on the desktop. You can also rename the shortcut to anything that you like to call the program shortly.


Now copy and paste the shortcut of the program from desktop to Windows folder. That is "C:\Windows" folder (where “C” OS drive).


Next open Run dialog box either from Start menu or by using [Windows] + [R] keyboard shortcut and type the name of the program in the dialog box to launch the program. For instance, I launch Windows Live Writer program by typing the string Writer in the Run dialog box. Have fun!

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