How To Customize Windows 7


The latest Windows operating system comes with plenty of customization options. Unlike its predecessors, you can personalize almost every aspect of Windows 7 with a few easy clicks.

Customize Windows7

And the beauty of Windows 7 is that you needn’t to use third-party programs to personalize it. For instance, you can even easily customize the Windows 7 logon background screen manually without the help of third-party tool.

Here are the things that you might like to customize in Windows 7:


Customize themes: Unlike Vista and XP, you can change almost everything as far the theme is concerned, from window color to desktop background slideshow. You can follow our how to customize Windows 7 themes guide to personalize Windows 7 themes.

Customize screensaver: By default Windows 7 comes with 7 different screensavers. Refer our customize Windows 7 screensavers guide to personalize Bubble, Ribbons & Mystify screensavers.

customize screensavers

Customize font: Changing a font or text color is pretty simple in Windows 7. Refer our how to change font size & the default font in Windows 7 guides.

Customize sounds: Windows 7 comes with plenty of good sound schemes by default. Use a sound scheme from the available 13 different sound schemes or use IFX Seven Sound Creator program to create your own sound schemes in Windows 7.

Customize Desktop gadgets: If you are not happy with the default set of desktop gadgets, you can always visit Windows Desktop Gadget gallery to install new ones. You might also like our collection of 20 handy gadgets for your Windows 7 desktop.

Customize user picture: Although Windows 7 comes with several fresh user pictures, you can refer our how to change the user picture in Windows 7 guide to use your own image as User Picture.

Customize drive icons: Windows 7 carries the drive icons from its predecessor Vista. Changing a drive icon is simple if you refer our how to customize drive icons in Windows 7 guide.

Customize folder icon and color: Refer our how to change folder picture in Window 7 and quickly colorize Windows 7 folders guides to personalize one or more folders in the latest version of Windows.

Personalize desktop icons: Like in Vista and XP, you can customize desktop icons such as Computer, Recycle Bin, Network in Windows 7 as well. Refer our how to change Windows 7 desktop icons guide to replace the current icons with your customized ones. Use how to reset/restore Windows 7 desktop icons to revert to the default icons.

Change logon background: There are several free tools available to customize Windows 7 logon background. You  can either use third-party tools such as Logon Changer & Logon Screen Rotator or manual method to change Windows 7 logon screen to tweak logon screen.

logon changer

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