How To Delete All But The Most Recent Restore Point In Windows 7 To Free Up Disk Space


The system restore feature of Windows 7 takes considerable amount of disk space. By default, it takes 3% of the drive’s space. Although 3% is negligible when you have TBs of free space, users with smaller HDD might run out of disk space often.

 Windows 7

In order to save disk space, you can either delete all but most recent restore point to free up disk space in Windows7 or completely disable System Restore feature. But as System Restore feature allows you return system files and settings to an earlier point in time without affecting personal files disabling this feature is not recommended.

So here is how to delete all but the most recent restore point in Windows 7:


1Right click on the selected drive and then select Properties.

delete restore point

2. Under the General tab, click Disk Cleanup button to launch Disk Cleanup program.

delete all but recent restore points in Windows 7 step2

delete all but most recent restore points Windows 7

3. Now click Clean up system files button.

delete restore point in Windows 7

4. In the resulting dialog box, switch to More Options tab.

5. Under System Restore and Shadow Copies section, click Clean up button to begin the process. Hit Deletebutton when you are prompted with Disk Cleanup confirmation box.

delete restore point 1

delete all but most recent restore points in Windows 7 step last

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