How To Delete All Restore Points Without Disabling System Restore Feature In Windows 7


We have already shown how to delete all but the most recent system restore point in Windows 7 so that you can easily free up disk space. What if you want to delete all system restore points at a time?

Although you can disable Windows System Restore feature to remove all restore points easily, disabling System Restore feature is not a good idea. So here is a simple way to remove all system restore points in Windows 7:

1. Type sysdm.cpl in Start menu search field and hit enter to launch System Properties.

restore all restore points in windows 7 pic1


2. Switch to System Protection tab.

3. Under Protection Settings, select the drive and then click Configure button.

restore all restore points in windows 7 pic2

4. In the resulting dialog-box, click Delete button to remove all restore points including system settings and previous versions of files.

Delete all restore points

5. When you see the System Protection confirmation box, click Continue button to start the process. Wait for a few seconds to see “The restore points were deleted successfully” message.

Delete all restore points confirmation

restore all restore points in windows 7 pic6

6. You can now manually create a fresh system restore point (if you like to do so) and close all boxes.

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