How To Delete Default Power Plans In Windows 7


Recently we blogged about how to rename default power plans in Windows 7. One of our readers has asked is it possible to delete one or more power plans present in Windows 7?

 Windows 7

As you may know, one can easily delete newly created custom plans in Windows 7. But Windows doesn’t allow you delete the default power plans (Balanced, High Performance, or Power Saver).



In this guide we will show you how to delete default power plans in Windows 7.

# Open Command Prompt with administrator privileges.


# Type Powercfg List command to view the existing power schemes and their GUIDs.

Delete Default Power Plans in Windows 7

# Now type the below mentioned command and hit enter:

Powercfg -Delete GUID


In the above command, replace GUID with scheme’s GUID that you have obtained in the above step.

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