How To Delete Individual Restore Points In Windows 7


System restore point is one of the brilliant yet lesser used features of Windows operating system. A system restore point enables you restore your Windows settings to a previous date without deleting saved files. Windows even lets you restore system restore points without booting into Windows.

It’s a good idea to manually create a system restore point before installing third-party applications and playing with system files. The downside of the system restore feature is that it needs sufficient free disk space on your Windows drive.

Deleting individual restore points in Windows

The System Restore feature present in the latest version of Windows client allows you change the default size allocated to store restore points. Though you can delete all but most recent restore point, you are not allowed to delete an individual restore point in Windows 7.

That is, for instance, if you three system restore points, you can’t delete one or two restore points to free up some disk space. Windows doesn’t support deleting individual restore points.

 Though there are a few tools such as Tune Up Utilities available to delete a specific restore point, all are paid solutions. If you have turned on the System Restore feature in Windows 7 or Windows 8 and looking for a free tool to manage and delete restore points, we have a handy application that not only lets you delete individual restore points but also lets you create and restore system restore points.

Delete Individual Restore Point In Windows 7

QRM Plus Manager is a handy application for Windows 7 and Windows 8 to delete one or more restore points in a jiffy. Once installed, you will QRM Plus entry in the desktop context menu.

Delete Selevtive Restore Point in Windows 7

Other than deleting restore points, the tool also lets you create and restore the system using a previously created restore point. The tool comes in handy if you want to delete selective restore points. You might also like our list of 5 free tools to create, manage and mount system restore points article.

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