How To Display Drive Letters On Drive Icons In Windows 7 (Must Try)


For all those who love personalizing Windows 7, here is a smart way to make your drive explorer more productive in a simple way.

 Show drive letters on drive icons

With default settings, Windows 7 displays all drives with drive letters in the explorer. As you may know, one can change these drive icons and drive letters easily.



In this guide, we will show you how to automatically display drive letters on the drive icons using a registry script. When you complete this guide, you will see drive letters on drive icons instead of next to the drive icons.


1. Download the HDD Letter Icons zip file.


2. Create a new folder named Drive Icons in the root of your Windows 7 drive (usually “C” drive) & extract the contents to the folder.

 Display Drive Icons

Display Drive Icons on drive letters

3. Again, download the registry script, extract zip file and then run the script.


4. Click Yes when you are prompted with the confirmation message and then click Ok.

 Display drive letter on drive icons

Show drive letter on drive icons

5. Now open Computer (My Computer) to view the drive icons on drive letters. You are done. But if you want to hide the default drive letters that appear next to drive icons, please refer our how to hide drive letters in Windows 7 guide.


Note: You can undo changes by running Restore Drive Icons registry script. If you are not able to revert to default drive icons using the registry script mentioned above, please follow steps given below.



# Open Registry Editor by typing regedit in Start menu search field and then hitting enter.


# Navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer and then delete DriveIcons key.

Revert to default drive icons

# Log off and then log on to see default drive icons.

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