How To Easily Fix Internet Connection Problems In Windows 7


We all have come across internet connectivity issues one or other time. The problem with the internet connectivity issue is that you can’t to the web and look for possible causes and solutions unless you have a smartphone or an alternative computer.

Troubleshooting a connection issue is always a difficult task for novice users because there are so many possible causes. While they are plenty of free tools available to customize and tweak Windows 7, you can’t a find a good free tool that can help you diagnose and fix network connectivity issues.

Users who’re on Windows 7 will be glad to know that the newest version of Windows ships with over twenty troubleshooters to automatically diagnose and fix various Windows issues. Windows Network Diagnostics is one such troubleshooter in Windows 7 to resolve local network and internet connectivity problems.

network problem resolved


There are a total of seven troubleshooters present under Network and Internet section:

# Internet connection troubleshooter

# HomeGroup troubleshooter

# Network adapter troubleshooter

# DirectAccess troubleshooter

# Incoming connections troubleshooter

# Shared folders troubleshooter

# Printer troubleshooter

To access these troubleshooters, open Start screen, click Control Panel, click Find and fix problems option under System and Security and then click Network and Internet to view all automated troubleshooters available to resolve network issues.

Launch the troubleshooter, click Next button to scan for an issue and then automatically fix it. If the issue isn’t with Windows OS, the troubleshooter shows the possible cause of the issue.

Network and Internet Troubleshooters

All above mentioned troubleshooters are self explanatory. Type troubleshooting in Start menu search box to see full list of troubleshooters present in Windows 7.

Bodosoft Connectivity Fixer and Complete Internet Repair are two other free tools designed to detect and fix connectivity issues in Windows. We suggest you download and save these two tools in a safe location so that you can run and try to fix the network issues even when you’re unable to connect to the web.

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