How To Get Back Vista Taskbar In Windows 7 How To Get Back Vista Taskbar In Windows 7

How To Get Back Vista Taskbar In Windows 7


Probably Windows 7’s Superbar is the major change that you will notice when you install Windows 7 for the very first time. The new Superbar has many new features that you will find useful once you get used to it.

Vista style taskbar

If you have come from Windows Vista then you will may take few days to get used to the new Taskbar(Superbar).But you can also get back the old Vista style taskbar in Windows 7 by changing the following settings in the Start menu properties.

1. Right-click on the Taskbar and select Properties.

2. Here you need to change three options. Let us do it one by one. First, check the box named “Use small icons”.


3. Next select “Never combine” option for the Taskbar options.

4. Lastly, uncheck the box named “Use Desktop Preview”. Desktop Preview option temporarily minimizes open windows when you place mouse on the far end button of the taskbar.

5. Click “Apply” to make changes you have done in the above three steps.

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