How To Get Original Windows Calendar In Windows 7


It’s a well known fact that Windows 7 doesn’t come with Windows Calendar program. Microsoft has removed Windows Calendar from Windows 7 for some strange reasons. One needs to install Windows Live Essentials to get the basic Windows Calendar in Windows 7.

Windows Calendar for Windows 7

Long back, we showed you how to get Windows Calendar program in Windows 7 as well. If you missed it, you can check out the detailed guide to enable Windows Calendar in Windows 7. If you are new to Windows 7 and want to get Windows Calendar, here is another workaround to get it.

Step 1: Download the original Windows Calendar software from here. Special thanks to scritperkid2 for this.


Step 2: Extract the zip file to get Windows Calendar folder.

Step 3: Move Windows Calendar folder to Program Files folder. If you are on Windows 7 x64, please move it to Program Files (x86) folder.

Step 4: Create a shortcut of the exe file on desktop so that you can launch the program with a mouse click.

We have tested this on x64 version of Windows 7 without any issues.

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