How To Get Windows 8 Aero Auto-Colorization Feature In Windows 7


It seems almost every new fancy desktop feature of Windows 8 can be enabled in Windows 7 as well. Earlier this week, we covered how to get Windows 8 taskbar user picture tile in Windows 7, and now we have a fantastic free tool to add the recently uncovered aero auto-colorization feature to Windows 7.

Enable Aero Auto-Colorization In Windows 7

Aura is a free utility, developed by Stealth2011, that lets you get the exact Windows 8 aero auto-colorization feature in Windows 7 as well. Aero auto-colorization automatically changes the aero color of window borders, start menu, and taskbar to match to the current desktop background.



For instance, when you set a reddish picture as your desktop background in Windows 7, Aura utility automatically changes the Aero color of the taskbar, start menu, and explorer to red.


Simply download, run the utility and then set a new picture as your desktop background to see the magic!


Aura utility also supports program icon based auto-colorization. To enable this, go to Aura settings (right-click on the Aura utility icon in the taskbar and select options), and then select Get color from active window icon option.

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