How To Hide Language Bar In Windows 7


The language bar is a small toolbar that appears on your desktop to help you quickly switch between added input languages, input method editors, and keyboard layouts. When you add a new keyboard layout or input language, a language bar will appear in your Windows 7 desktop or taskbar.

 Hide language toolbar in Windows 7

The bar is very helpful if you switch between input languages or keyboard layouts often, but  most users prefer to disable or hide it from the taskbar and desktop. If too want to get rid of the language toolbar, here is how to hide it:


 1. Type Region and language or intl.cpl in Start menu search box and hit enter key.

Disable language bar in Windows 7

2. In the Region and Language dialog-box, switch to Keyboards and Languages tab.


3. Here, under Keyboards and other input languages, click Change keyboards button to open Text services and Input Languages.

Disable language toolbar in Windows 7


4. Move to Language Bar tab and select Hidden option. You can also select Show the language bar as transparent when inactive if you don’t want to hide it completely.

how to hide language toolbar in Windows 7

5. Click Apply button and you are done!

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