How To Include New Gadgets, Themes, Wallpapers, And Screensavers In Windows 7 Setup ISO File


We have already written guides to include drivers in Windows 7 installation ISO, create un-attended Windows 7 installation setup, and  to slipstream Service Pack in Windows 7 DVD or ISO. Today, in this guide, we are going to show you how to include new gadgets, themes, wallpapers, logon screens, screensavers and more in the bootable ISO.

As always, we are going to use the popular RT Seven Lite software (free) to make this happen. If you are not familiar with RT Seven Lite, it’s an advanced software to customize and tweak Windows pre-installation setup.

Things you need:

# Your genuine Windows DVD or ISO


# Themes, gadgets, wallpapers and screensavers

# 90 minutes of free time


Step 1: Before getting started, make sure that you have enough free space on your Windows 7 drive, as RT Seven Lite uses Windows temp folder. We recommend a free space of 5 GB or more.

Users who have Windows 7 DVD should copy all files from the DVD to a new folder on desktop or any other location. And users who have an ISO file should extract the ISO file with the help of 7-Zip or other software to a new folder.

Step 2: Download RT Seven Lite from this page (we used 1.7 RC) and install it on your Windows 7 PC. Though RT Seven Lite can be installed on Vista and Windows Server 2008 as well, you need to install Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK) from Microsoft to use it. So, we suggest you install it on a Windows 7 PC only.

Step 3: Once installed, run the software to see RT Seven Lite window. Here, click on the Browse button and then click Select OS path to browse to the new folder that contains Windows 7 setup files.

Windows 7 Setup Customization

Step 4: You will be asked to select your Windows 7 OS edition. Select your edition and click Ok button to continue. RT Seven Lite will begin loading the image and mount it in the next few minutes. During the process, the software may appear not responding for a while but don’t close it.

Customize Windows 7 setup

Step 5: When loading is done, you will see “Loading completed” as status message. Click Task tab in the left-side of the window to see integration, components, tweaks, un-attended, customization, and ISO bootable options. Select Customization and ISO bootable options.

Customize Windows 7 setup Picture3

Step 6: Click Customization tab in the left-pane to see Screensaver, Themes, Wallpaper, Logon Screen, Gadgets, Documents, and Sample music tabs on the right-side.

Customize Windows 7 setup Picture5

First, click on Screensaver tab, click Add button to browse to the screensaver file(s) that you wish to include in the setup. File must be in .scr extension.

Switch to Themes, Wallpaper, Logon screen, and Gadgets tabs one-by-one and use the Add button to include your wallpaper, new logon screen, and gadgets.

Customize Windows 7 setup Picture4

NOTE: You can also remove default wallpapers, gadgets and wallpapers. Just select the item and then click Remove button.

Once done, click Apply button.

Step 7: Clicking Apply button will automatically open Log tab. Here, select Re-build all images and click Commit button to begin creating include the selected themes, wallpapers and other items.

Customize Windows 7 setup Picture6


Customize Windows 7 setup Picture7

Once RT Seven Lite has finished its business, it’ll show completed message. As we are here to create a bootable ISO, click on ISO-Bootable tab. Here, select Mode as Create Image and finally click Make ISObutton and then select a location to save the ISO file to begin creating your customized bootable Windows 7 ISO.

Customize Windows 7 setup Picture10

Wait for successful completed message and finally click ok and then finish to close RT Seven Lite. Your new Windows 7 ISO is now ready with your favorite screensavers, wallpapers, themes and gadgets. Good luck!

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