How To Increase Logon Screen Text Size In Windows 7


A few months back we covered how to change Windows 7 logon background without using third-party software and also covered over 5 applications to easily change logon screen background.

 increase logon screen text size in windows 7

If you have customized logon screen background and then you might also like to customize logon screen text size. To make it happen simply follow the simple procedure given below.

1. Open Windows Registry Editor by typing  regedit in Start menu search field and then hitting enter.


open registry editor

2. In the Windows Registry Editor, navigate to the following key:

HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop

3. Here, in the right side, create a new DWORD value (32-bit) named LogPixels and then set its decimal value (make sure that you have set the value to decimal) between 90 to 150.

increase logon text size in windows 7

4. Once done, close the Registry Editor.

5. Log off to see the change.

When you log on, you might see large text in your desktop and explorer as well. Don’t worry. Simply follow the following steps to revert to the default desktop text size.

# Right-click on Desktop and then select Personalize.

increase logon screen text size in windows 7

# In the left pane, click Display and then select Smaller option.

how to increase logon screen text size in windows 7

# Click Apply button. You will be asked to log off and log on to apply the change. Once you do that, your desktop text will be back to the default size.

logoff windows

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