How To Make Windows Media Player Begin Playing Songs At A Predefined Time


Like most of you, I also use Windows Media Player as my primary media player. Every time I start my notebook, I like to listen to old hits. As opening the same playlist again and again is a boring task to do, I have done this simple tweak so that WMP will automatically start and playing my favourite playlist.

Windows 7

In simple words, you can make your WMP to start playing your favourite playlist at any predefined time by using this guide.


How to make WMP Playing songs at a predefined time:


1. Type task scheduler in Start menu search field and hit enter.

Schedule Songs in Windows Media Player

2. Once the Task Scheduler window launched, click Create Basic Task to launch Create Basic Task Wizard.

Take Scheduler to schedule WMP songs

3. Type a name for your task. You can also enter description if you want to do so. Click Next.

Create Basic Task Wizard 1

4. Here you need to select when your task should start from the available seven options: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, One time, When the computer starts, When I log on, and When a specific event is logged. In this guide, I select Daily option as I would like to listen to songs every day.

Create Basic Task Wizard 2

If you want to launch WMP with a playlist when you logon, please select “When I log on” option.


5. Select the exact time at which WMP should start playing your playlist.

Create Basic Task Wizard 3

6. Click Next to see “What action do you want the task to perform” option. In this step, you need to select “Start a program” from the available three options.

Create Basic Task Wizard 4

7. Again, click Next button to proceed to the next step. Just input the Windows Media Player playlist you want to listen by hitting Browse button and then navigating to your playlist. Hit Next button.

Create Basic Task Wizard 5

You can find Windows Media Player playlists in C:\Users\Yourusername\Music\Playlists folder.


8. Finally click Next button to complete the wizard. You are done!

Create Basic Task Wizard 6

9. Enjoy!

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