How To Make Windows Media Player Fully Transparent (Aero Glass)


If you have been following us for the last few weeks or so, you probably know about transparent Calculator and Notepad software for Windows 7. For a change, here is a cool way to make your Windows Media Player transparent (aero glass).

Transperent Windows Media Player

In this guide, you need not to replace any system files manually. The procedure is simple as well.

1. Download WMP full glass tool and extract the content to desktop to see a folder named WMP full glass.


2. In folder, you will see WMP full glass x64 and WMP full glass applications (exe files).


3. Run the appropriate (.exe) file. Note that this tool doesn’t have any UI. So you won’t see anything on screen.

4. Don’t Reboot your PC!

5. Open Windows Media Player in video mode to see the Aero Glass Media Player. If you can’t see the Glass Style, follow the next step.

Glass windows media player

6. Switch to Library mode and then revert to Now Playing mode to see the Aero Style.

Although we have tested this tool only on Windows 7 (x86) this tool should work fine on Vista as well.

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