How To Move Installed Apps From One Drive To Another In Windows 7



There are times when your primary drive (read it as Windows and programs drive) starts running out of free space. Even though you can free up some space by cleaning all junk files and uninstalling unnecessary programs, moving installed programs from the primary drive to another drive is a good solution.

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If your Windows drive is running out of free space, you can move all installed programs to some other drives to free up some space. As Windows doesn’t allow you move installed apps easily, we are going to use a small tool to move apps from one drive to another.

1. Download Steam Mover zip pack and extract the contents to a folder or desktop.


2. Run the Steam Mover utility with admin rights (right-click on the tool and select Run as administrator).

 How To Move Installed Programs From One Drive To Another

3. Select Apps Common Folder (current folder of the application that you want to move) and then select the Alternative Folder (new location).

How To Move Installed Apps From One Drive To Another

4. Once done, click right arrow button at the button of the tool to start moving apps to the new location. You can always click the left arrow button to revert to the default location.


5. You are done! You can move any number of applications by following the above mentioned steps. Good luck!

Note: We have tested this tool to move Windows Live Essentials (on Windows 7 x86)from one drive to another. Since the tool is still in beta stage, use at your own risk! Thanks to Life Hacker for this tip!!

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