How To Open Command Prompt From Login Screen In Windows


Ever wanted to run programs and get access to your PC without logging into your Windows user account? Want to launch programs right from the login screen of Windows 10/7? If yes is your answer for the above two questions, you’re going to love this article.

Over the past couple of years, we have reviewed a number of free tools that allow you customize and tweak the logon screen of Windows 7. This time, we’re going to share a very powerful tool that replaces the default Ease of Access button on the logon screen with Command Prompt, meaning that you’ll be able to access your PC and launch programs without having to logging into your user account!

command prompt from login screen Windows

CPRU is a free program designed to replace the default Ease of Access button on the logon screen of Windows 7 with the powerful Command Prompt. As you likely know, one can easily launch all installed programs right from the Command Prompt and perform many other operations as well. In short, by installing this software you get access to your PC right from the logon screen.


Even though it’s a fantastic and very powerful program, installing CPRU is not that easy. You need to copy CPRU folder (containing BAT files) to the System32 folder and then run the batch file in order to replace Ease of Access button with Command Prompt. As you likely know, it’s not possible to copy files or folders to System32 folder without taking the ownership of the folder.

Run programs from logon screen in Windows

Follow the given below instructions to install CPRU in Windows and add Command Prompt to the logon screen:

Step 1: Visit this page of XDA forums and download CPRU program. The program is packed in a RAR file and you’ll need to use either WinRAR or 7-Zip to open the RAR file.

Step 2: Once you have the CPRU folder, take ownership of System32 folder located in Windows folder of your Windows installed drive by following our how to take ownership of folders in Windows 7/8 guide. For instance, if you have installed Windows 7 in your “C” drive, then you need to copy CPRU folder to C:\Windows\System32 folder.

Step 3: Once you have the ownership of System32 folder, copy CPRU folder to System32.

Step 4: Open CPRU folder that you have previously copied to System32 folder, right-click on CPRU_1.1_Enable file, and then click Run as administrator to see the following screen.

Click any key when you’re asked to do so. That’s it!

Ste 5: Restart your PC. When you see the logon screen, click the Ease of Access button located bottom left corner of the screen to launch Command Prompt. That’s it! You can now launch any program from the Command Prompt. For instance, you can type “start iexplore.exe” and then press enter key to launch Internet Explorer right from the logon screen.

NOTE: I haven’t tested this program on Windows 8/8.1 yet.

Please don’t install this program on your primary machine containing sensitive data as anyone can get access to your PC without entering the password.

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