How to open/run regedit (Registry Editor) in Windows 8 [Guide]


After relying on the search box in Windows 7 to launch programs for so long, I was baffled with how to work Windows 8. More specifically, how the hell do I launch regedit without a proper start menu? I sat there thinking (for approximately five seconds) when it hit me: it may be crude but let’s use the Run command. This guide shows you how to do that, if you are confused.



To open regedit in Windows 8, do the following:

  • Press Win [Windows key] + R on your keyboard. This can be done either while at Windows 8 Start menu/Metro screen or on Windows 8 desktop.
  • At the dialog box that pops open, type “regedit.exe” (without the quotes) and hit “OK”:

  • Once you hit “OK”, Windows UAC will prompt you to confirm you want to open Register Editor — hit “Yes”:

  • Done. Registry Editor should now be open:


That was easy. Just remember — don’t make unnecessary changes via Registry Editor least you have to format your computer to fix your bonehead mistakes.

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