How To Pin Control Panel To Windows 7 Taskbar


We have already learnt how to pin My Computer and Recycle Bin icons to the Windows 7 taskbar (superbar). In this post, we will show you how to pin the frequently used Control Panel to the taskbar.

Pinning Control Panel to the taskbar is as same as pinning recycle bin or computer icons. Only we need to change the path of the file. Just follow the steps below to make it happen.

1. To begin with, right-click on Windows 7 desktop > New > Shortcut.

2. Enter the below address location of item filed, and click Next button.

explorer shell:ControlPanelFolder

Create shortcut

3. In the following window, type in a name for the shortcut (Ex: My Computer). Click on the Finish button to see a new shortcut icon on the desktop.

4. Obviously, you can now drag and drop your new shortcut icon on to the taskbar to pin it. But if you want to decorate the new shortcut with the default Computer icon, you need to do follow next two steps.

5. Right-click on the shortcut icon (new icon), go to Properties. Click on change icon button and enter the below address in the file location box.



6. Now select the Computer icon and click on the Apply button. Pin the icon to the taskbar either by right-clicking and selecting “Pint to Taskbar” option, or by dragging icon to the taskbar.

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