How To Prevent A User From Using Specific Programs In Windows 7


Many a time, we want to restrict a user from running one or more programs. For example, you might want to restrict your friends from running Microsoft VPC and Windows Live Writer programs.

parental controls icon

Preventing a user from using specific programs on Windows 7 is very easy. Just follow the steps given below to restrict a user from running certain programs:

1. Type User Accounts in Start menu search field and hit enter to launch Users Accounts window. In the left pane, click on Parental Controls link to open Parental Controls. You can also open Parental Controls directly by clicking Start > Control Panel > Set up parental controls for any user.



2. Click on Parental Controls. Note that Parental Controls can be applied only to standard user accounts. If you haven’t created a standard user account already, just click on create a new user account to setup a new account.

setup parental controls

3. Click on the user account for which you would like to apply the Parental Controls (block program access) to open User Controls.

parental controls

4. Under User Controls, enable the option named “On, enforce current settings” and click on Allow and block any programs on your computer to see Application Restrictions.

user controls

5. Select Users (user account name) can only use the programs I allow to see the list of installed programs.

6. Select the programs that you want to allow. If the program you want doesn’t appear in the list, click Browse to locate the program.

Application restrictions

7. Click Ok to apply the restriction.

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