How To Quickly Change System Sound Scheme In Windows 7



Like desktop wallpaper, we all like to change screen saver, theme, and system sounds time to time. Although earlier editions of Windows come with a few decent screensavers and some classic themes, they don’t offer more than one type of sounds by default.

That is, you either have to go for no sounds or default system sounds. Although you can customize default system sounds by following our how to use custom sounds in Vista guide, changing all the sounds is a tedious task.

But in Windows 7, there are a a total of 14 schemes of sounds to choose from (download Windows 7 sounds for XP & Vista). All schemes are nice to hear and easy to apply as well.

To change the Windows default sound scheme in Windows 7, just follow the simple steps given below:

1. Right-click on desktop & select Personalize. Or, type mmsys.cpl in Start menu search box, hit enter, and then move to Sounds tab (if you do so please skip the second step).


2. In Personalization window, click on Sounds link located at the bottom right to see Sound dialog box.

3. Here you can easily change the Windows default sound scheme. To do so, select a scheme from the Sound Scheme drop down box, and click Apply.


4. That’s all.

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