How To Reinstall Uninstalled Desktop Gadgets In Windows 7


Windows 7 comes with a total of nine desktop gadgets. One can also install additional gadgets by visiting Microsoft gallery page.

 How To Reinstall Uninstalled Gadgets in Windows 7

We have already covered how to backup desktop gadgets, and also how to add minimize and restore features to gadgets in Windows 7. Now, as you may have noticed, the gadget’s gallery of Windows 7 only allows you uninstall gadgets. And, if you have uninstalled these native gadgets, you can’t actually install them via gadget’s gallery or Turn Windows features on or off panel .


 To reinstall these gadgets, you need to follow two very simple steps given below:

1. Launch the Start menu. Type restore desktop gadgets installed with Windows to launch gadget’s gallery with “All Windows and administrator installed gadgets have been restore” message.

 How To Reinstall Uninstalled Gadgets in Windows 7 step2

2. All uninstalled desktop gadgets have been restored. That’s all! This is how simple Windows 7 is!

 How To Reinstall Uninstalled Gadgets in Windows 7 step5

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