How To Reinstall Windows 7 Easily (Step-by-step guide)


Microsoft’s latest iteration of Windows, Windows 7, is undoubtfully the best operating system because of its improved UI, features and overall performance.

how to reinstall Windows 7 step by step guide

One of the lesser known features of Windows 7 is its Advanced recovery methods. With the advanced recovery feature one can easily reinstall Windows 7 without much hassle.

You can reinstall Windows 7 either from a recovery image provided by your computer manufacturer, or from your original Windows 7 installation disc or Windows 7 USB flash drive.


Detailed guide to reinstall Windows 7

Step 1: Open Start menu, type in Recovery in the search box and then hit enter to launch Recovery window.

Step 2: Click Advanced Recovery methods to open Windows 7’s advanced recovery methods.

Reinstall windows 7

Step 3: In the Advanced Recovery window, you will see two options:

reinstall windows 7 step3

# Use a system image you created earlier to recover your computer: If you have created a system image, you can use it to replace everything on your computer, including Windows, programs, and all your files, with the information saved on the system image.

# Reinstall Windows (requires Windows installation disc): This option will reinstall Windows on your computer. Afterward, you can restore your files from a backup. Any programs you have installed will need to be reinstalled using the original installation discs or files. Existing might remain in the Windows.old folder on your hard disk after the reinstall completes.

Step 4: Click Reinstall Windows option to start the reinstallation procedure. You will be asked to backup your files in the next step. Click Backup now option to backup your files such as document, pictures and music to a USB, DVD or external hard disk.

reinstall windows 7 step4

Click Skip and then click Restart button to restart your PC to start the reinstall process.

reinstall windows 7 step5

reinstall windows 7 step6

Note: When you use this method (Reinstall Windows), the existing Windows installation will be moved to the Windows.old directory. You can retrieve data from that location after the restore completes. Any programs you have installed will need to be reinstalled.

Step 5: Once you hit the restart button, wait for a few minutes to see the following screen. Select your keyboard input method and click Next.

reinstall windows 7 step7

Step 6: In following screen, you will be prompted with reinstall Windows 7 confirmation box. Click Yes to proceed to the next step.

reinstall windows 7 step8

Step 7: Now insert your Windows 7 installation disc and then click Yes to see the Windows 7 installing screen. From here onwards, you need to follow the simple onscreen procedure to complete the reinstallation procedure (you can refer our Windows 7 installation procedure).

Step 8: Windows will take a few minutes to show the below screen, where you need to enter a username to your account.

reinstall windows 7 step9

Step 9: Click Next to see the set password box. If you like to set a password for your account, type and then retype the password in respective boxes. Click Next to continue.

reinstall windows 7 step10

Step 10: In this screen, click Use recommend settings and then select your time zone and again click next button to select your network type from available Home, Word or Public network.

reinstall windows 7 step11

reinstall windows 7 step12

reinstall windows 7 step13

Step 11: You are almost done! You have successfully reinstalled Windows 7. You might see the Restore my files box on the desktop. Click Restore my files button if you have done a backup in the step 5.

reinstall windows 7 step14

Step 12: Finally, you might want to delete the Windows.old folder during the reinstallation process by Windows to move your old installation files. Refer our how to safely delete Windows.old folder in Windows 7guide to free up a few GBs of your hard disk space.

Step 13: Once the reinstall is done, it’s time to install all your software and device drivers.

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