How To Remove Applications From Startup List In Windows 7


Every time Windows starts on a typical computer, a host of other programs also start with Windows, increasing the total amount of time required to complete the boot process. Programs that automatically start with Windows significantly extend the boot time. If your PC takes minutes to boot, removing unwanted programs from the startup list is one of the best ways to reduce the Windows boot time.

How To Remove Applications From Startup List In Windows 7

There are countless number of free tools available to show you all programs and processes that fire off with Windows. There are even tools out there to delay launch of startup programs. While you can always use third-party tools to clear startup programs, you can also use the native System Configuration Utility for the same job.

In this guide, we are going show you how to use System Configuration tool to remove unnecessary applications from Windows startup:


Step 1: Type msconfig in Start menu search area and hit enter to launch the System Configuration tool.

remove applications from Windows 7 startup list

Step 2: In the System Configuration box, switch to Startup tab to view all applications that are automatically running at startup.

Step 3: Uncheck the box next the application to remove the application from the startup entry.

Remove startup applications

Step 4: Click Apply button to save the change.

Note: Make sure that you don’t remove antivirus program audio and video drivers from the startup list. You can also use LaunchLater tool to delay the startup of an application. Also note that this method is applicable to Windows 7 only and doesn’t work in the latest Windows 8 version. In Windows 8, Microsoft moved the Startup tab to the Task Manager.

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