How To Set Windows 7 As Your Default Operating System In Boot Menu


Just like many other users, I haven’t removed Vista from my primary PC and use it once in a while. Over the last weekend, I purchased a new Western Digital hard drive and performed a fresh dual-boot installation of Vista and Windows 7. After installing the hard drive, I installed Windows 7 followed by Vista.

Users who have installed Vista in dual boot with Windows 7 (Windows 7 installed first) probably have noticed that Windows Vista has been set as the default operating system in the Boot Manager, and one needs to manually select Windows 7 and then hit the enter key to start booting into Windows 7.

set windows 7 as default operating system

While this setup is perfectly alright for those users who have been using Vista as their primary OS, users who often boot into Windows 7 and use it as the primary OS might to want make Windows 7 as the default OS entry in the boot menu.


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Users who have installed Vista alongside with Windows 7 (Vista installed after installing Windows 7) might like to set Windows 7 as the default one to avoid selecting Windows 7 every time they turn on their PCs.

While third-party tools such as EasyBCD for Windows 7 lets you do this with ease, there is no point in using a software for a job that can be accomplished with the help of native System Configuration utility.

Complete the below mentioned steps to set Windows 7 as your default operating system in boot manager:

Step 1: Open System Configuration utility. To open it, type msconfig in Start menu search field, and hit enter key.

Step 2: Once the System Configuration dialog is launched, switch to the Boot tab to see advanced boot settings.

set Windows 7 as default os in boot menu

Step 3: Here you can change the default OS in the boot menu. First, select Windows 7 in the operating systems list and then click Set as default button.

Step 4: Click Apply button. Reboot your machine to see the change. That’s it!

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