How To Show “Sort Header” In All Views In Windows 7 Explorer


Sort header or column header is a handy feature introduced with Windows Vista and lets you quickly soft files and folders just with a click. As some of you have noticed, in Windows 7, this soft header appears only in details view. That is, when you are browsing a folder in content, tiles, list, small icons, medium icons, large icons or extract large icons view, Windows Explorer doesn’t display the sort header.

Sort Header for Windows

Those who have used Windows Vista operating system would know that sort header was available for all views. Many users who have moved from Vista are now looking for a workaround to enable this handy feature for all view modes in Windows 7.

Fortunately there is a tiny tool named Explorer 7 Fixes to enables sort header feature in all view modes. But it seems many users are having issues with that tool. Users who have been unsuccessful in enabling Sort Header tool can use the popular Classic Shell software to enable the same feature. We recommend you check out the Explorer 7 Fixes before installing Classic Shell.


Here is how to enable Sort Header for all view modes in Windows 7 using Classic Shell:

Step 1: Download and install Classic Shell from here.

Step 2: Once installed, you need to open up Settings for Classic Shell Explorer. This entry can be found in Start menu.

Step 3: In the Settings for Classic Explorer window, click on File Pane tab and then check the Show sort headers in all views box and click Ok button to enable the same.

Sort Header for Windows 7 Explorer

NOTE: When you install Classic Shell it replaces the default Start menu with the classic menu. To enable the default Start menu, open Classic Shell’s Start menu settings, and then select Windows Key opens Windows Start Menu and Left click opens Windows Start Menu options.

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