How To: Solve Compatibility Problems in Windows 7 How To: Solve Compatibility Problems in Windows 7

How To: Solve Compatibility Problems in Windows 7


Compatibility issue is always been problem, especially when a new operating comes out with new hype. It was a nightmare for many Vista users, even forced many Vista users to switch back to XP to run their favorite programs and games.


It seems Microsoft has learnt the lesson from Vista compatibility woes as they have introduced a new Wizard to solve compatibility issues in Windows 7. No more such nightmares in Windows 7 as you have Windows Program Compatibility troubleshooter.

To run Windows Compatibility Troubleshooter wizard, type in Action Center in Start menu search box and hit enter. Then in the left pane of the Action Center, click on the link labeled Windows Compatibility Troubleshooter to start the troubleshooting wizard.


No more such nightmares in Windows 7, thanks to Windows Program Compatibility wizard that assists to solve most of the Windows compatibility issues.

Action Center[5]

The first thing to do when you start Windows Compatibility Troubleshooter, is to select between Advanced and normal mode to proceed further. Though Program Compatibility wizard starts with basic mode by default, it’s good to select advanced options at the lower bottom of the Windows to get more troubleshooting problems.


Put a tick in the “Advanced options” box. Once you are done, you can simply click the Next button and wait till Windows generate a list of programs after completing the scanning process.

Program compatibility in Windows 7

If the program is not listed in the generated list, then you need to select “not listed” to continue. Click the browse button in the new box and browse to the .exe of the installed software(Generally, C:\Program Files).


Click Next and choose the appropriate problem from the available list. Windows will try to fix the issue and will give the result in few seconds. Again, if your woes still exist, select “try will different settings” to repeat the procedure with other possible issues.


Alternatively, you can also choose  the shortcut method to solve your problems.

*Right click on the installer of the program and select “Properties”.

*Navigate to the “Compatibility” tab.

*Now, enable the option named “Run this program in compatibility mode for:”, and choose the operating system as “Windows Vista”.

*Click “Apply”.

*Run the installer to install the software.

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