How To Stop Windows 10 From Automatically Resetting Apps


Most of the native apps in Windows 10 are set as default apps. For instance, the Edge is the default web browser and PDF reader, and Photos app is the default picture viewer in Windows 10.

Like earlier versions, Windows 10 also allows you to change the default apps and programs. You can set your own program or app as the default for certain file types.

The problem with these built-in apps is that Windows 10 automatically resets them as the default whenever it receives a major update. For instance, if you have set Google Chrome as the default web browser, Windows 10 automatically resets Edge as the default browser again when a feature/major update is installed. In short, Windows 10 automatically resets default apps when major updates are installed.

This behavior causes inconvenience as we need to set our favorite app or program as the default app/program again.

If you want to stop Windows 10 from automatically resetting default apps, you have no option but to use third-party programs.

Stop Resetting My Apps

stop Windows 10 from automatically resetting default apps

Stop Resetting My Apps is a free program developed to enable Windows 10 users to stop Windows 10 from automatically resetting built-in apps as default programs.

The Stop Resetting My Apps is extremely easy to use. You just need to run the program on your Windows 10 PC and then click the corresponding app’s tile appearing on Stop Resetting My Apps. For instance, to stop Edge from resetting itself as default web browser, you need to click on its tile appearing on Stop Resetting My Apps.

To stop all apps, click on all of them. If an app is stopped from resetting itself as the default app, you will see a “stop sign” on its tile. To remove the restriction, run Stop Resetting My Apps program again, and click on its tile.

Visit the developer’s page to download the latest version of Stop Resetting My Apps program.

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