How to troubleshoot User Enrollment for ConfigMgr 2012 and Windows Intune



To double-check whether an user has been prepared for Windows Intune enrollment, please check the following scenarios:


  1. Create an account in your on-premise Active Directory
  2. Wait or manually run a User Discovery, check in ConfigMgr 2012 whether the user is listed


3. Check in SQL whether the user has a Cloud ID

select user_name0,cloudUserID from USer_disc where Name0 like '%pieter%'     <--- replace PIETER with the username you are troubleshooting.


4. Open the cloudusersync logfile and check for any potential errors.


5. Restart the SMS_EXECUTIVE service to force the sync. 

6. Check the eventlog of the dirsync server for any potential issues:


  7. Enable the FIM log  


8. Perform a manual sync using the powershell commandlet  

  • Open "C:\Program Files\Windows Azure Active Directory Sync\DirSyncConfigShell.psc1" on your dirsync server.
  • Type “Start-OnlineCoexistenceSync” and hit enter.

9. Open a browser and navigate to

Check to see if the user is listed.

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