How To Use Password Reset Disk In Windows 7


About a week ago, we showed you how to create a password reset disk in Windows 7. Password Reset Disk lets you create a new password when you have forgotten the current password.

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If are not aware of the password reset disk feature in Windows 7, follow our how to create a Windows 7 password reset disk to create one reset disk for your users account.

What if you don’t have a password reset disk?


A large number of Windows users aren’t aware of existence of password reset disk feature in Windows 7 or forget to create one after setting a strong password. Users who don’t have a password reset disk have a couple of options to reset the password. One can check out our how to bypass Windows 7 logon password, reset Windows 7/8 password without booting into Windows (the-easy-way), and one can also download the free password recovery software to quickly reset your forgotten Windows 7/Windows 8 password.

And if you have prepared a password reset disk for your account, resetting the password is fairly simple. Here is how you can use the password reset disk in Windows 7 to reset your password:

Step 1: When you type a wrong password at the login screen, you will see “The username or password is incorrect” error.

incorrect password

Step 2: Click OK to see Reset password option.

reset password option in logon screen

Step 3: Insert your password reset disk and then click on the Reset password option to open Password Reset Wizard. Click next button to continue.

password reset wizard

Step 4: Select the password reset disk (that you used while creating the reset disk) from the drop down box. Click next to proceed to the next step.

 password reset wizard step 2

Step 5: Enter a new password and then type the password again to confirm.

password reset wizard step three

Step 6: Click the next button and then click the finish button to close the wizard.


Step 7: Now enter the new password  in password box in the login screen to login to your user account.

NOTE: The above procedure should work in Windows 8 as well.

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