How To Use Windows 7 Desktop Slide Show Feature How To Use Windows 7 Desktop Slide Show Feature

How To Use Windows 7 Desktop Slide Show Feature


Windows 7 comes with a new feature named Desktop Slide show using which desktop wallpaper can be changed automatically after a specified interval of time. In the earlier version of Windows, we were missing this feature.

Windows 7 shows a basic wallpaper by default, to get you started. You can enable Slide show feature by entering Desktop Background personalization tab. I don’t like to teach here the meaning and use of slide show feature as anyone who has been involved in the computer game know what a slide show feature is.

Slide show feature is simple and useful as you need not to look out for third-party software to do this job. The good part of this feature is, you can even use “Shuffle” option to shuffle wallpapers.

How to enable and use desktop slideshow in Windows 7

Step 1: Right-click on the empty area of Desktop and select Personalize.


Step 2: Next, click on Desktop Background option from the available four options in Personalization window.

Step 3: Now you are in Desktop Background window. Just input the wallpaper folder you want to use as slide show by hitting the browse button on the top right.

Step 4: You can even select your desired wallpapers by selecting/unselecting from the list.

Step 5: Next step is to select the time using which Windows by change the wallpaper. Select the time from the drop down list. Unfortunately, you can’t enter your own time here, but Windows 7 gives different time intervals to suffice your need.

Step 6: Finally, it’s your wish to select Shuffle and picture position (Center, Stretch, Tile, Resize and Fit).

Step 7: Very lastly, don’t forget to hit “Ok” button!

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