Installing Windows 7 Without Using DVD/USB Drive [Method 2] Installing Windows 7 Without Using DVD/USB Drive [Method 2]

Installing Windows 7 Without Using DVD/USB Drive [Method 2]


If you are regular reader of IntoWindows, you probably have come across our “How to install Windows 7 Using USB Drive” article, a very detailed guide to install the latest Windows 7 from a USB flash drive. But, what if you don’t have a DVD or USB to install Windows 7? Here is our solution.


So you can continue this guide in keeping these three points:

# By using this guide you will be able to Install Windows 7/Vista, if you don’t have a DVD drive as well.

# You can also use this guide if you don’t have a 4GB USB stick. If you have a 4 GB+ USB drive then try out my “Install Windows 7 using USB drive” for a quick installation.

# We are not using either CD/DVD drive in this guide so you can even use this method to install this method for Netbooks.

There are two ways to install Windows 7/Vista without using A DVD or USB. The first one is using VPC (Virtual PC) and the second one is mounting an ISO file using free tools like Daemon tools or Virtual Clone Drive.

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Method 2: Installing Windows 7 without using a DVD or USB via direct method

In this method we install Windows 7 on a clean partition like the normal DVD boot method. Only change is we don’t use a DVD drive in this guide. Please follow the below instructions carefully and don’t skip any steps to make things quickly!

Step 1: Download the Windows 7 ISO files from Microsoft. I hope you have already downloaded one.

Step 2: Download and install Virtual Clone Drive from here.

Step 3: Firstly, go to the directory where you have saved Windows 7 ISO file. Right-click on the ISO file, select Open with and then select “Mount files with Virtual Clone Drive” to mount your ISO file.

 Open with

Step 4: Go back to My Computer (or Just Computer) and then double-click on the Virtual Clone Drive icon to start Windows 7 installation process.

Install Windows7

Yes, you are installing Windows 7 without a DVD or USB drive!

Step 5: Next, follow the normal Windows 7 installation procedure to finish the installation. Windows may restart during the install process. Worry not, everything will go fine.

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