Mac OSX Expose Clone for Windows Vista


Expose is an application on Mac OSX that tiles all the open windows with the press of a key, letting you quickly choose between them. Now there is finally a Mac OSX Expose clone application for Windows Vista that runs great! Not only that, but it’s open source, so you can improve it if you wanted to.

To install this application, you’ll have to run the setup application as well as the Visual C++ redistributable package, unless you have visual studio installed, which you probably don’t.

My Expose Download:

Visual C++ 2005 Redist package


Once you have it installed, you can just press the F9 key, and you’ll immediately be presented with a tiled view. If you have a video playing, it will continue to play in the tiled view.

If you move your mouse to the upper left hand corner of the screen, it will immediately tile all the windows. You can configure the hotspot or the hotkey with the tray icon, although it’s not the most user friendly dialog.

There is one feature that MyExpose does not have from the Mac version, and that’s to tile only the open windows of a particular application.

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