Make Windows 7 Window Border Frame Fully Transparent With Full Frame Transparency Enabler Tool


Readers who been running Windows 7 since the Release Candidate (build 7100) stage probably know that the build 7127 allowed users to make windows borders transparent with a simple registry tweak.

Make Windows 7 Window borders fully transparent

Unfortunately, one can’t enable this feature in the RTM build without replacing the original system files with the 7127 build files. Full Frame Transparency Enabler is a small tool for Windows 7 RTM build to enable the full frame transparency with a click.

make windows borders transparent in Windows 7


Using this tool is extremely simple. Click Enable button to replace DWM.exe and uDWM.dll files, and use Disable button to revert to the default setting. On top of that, this also enables transparency for maximized windows as well.


Note that you need to have enabled Aero Transparency to make use of this tool. If you are not able to enable Aero Transparency in Windows 7, then follow our how to fix Windows 7 aero problems guide.

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