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For me, when it comes to navigating around Windows, the more windows that pop open, the more annoyed I get.

I prefer to just drill down using a menu and expand items in the same window as if I am navigating through the file system while using Windows Explorer.

For example, when clicking on the Start menu and accessing the Control Panel, most of the time I know the item I want to access. Instead, the default setting in Windows is for another window (dialog box) to open displaying all Control Panel items that you need to navigate.

So, to avoid having yet another window open, you can easily force Windows to display the Control Panel items as a menu when using the Start menu.



Just right click on the Start icon in the taskbar (or the Windows Orb in Vista) and select Properties.

In the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties page, click on the Customize… button.

If your settings are like mine above (if not, see Classic Start menu below), you will see the same screen listed below. Just scroll down to the Control Panel section and click on the radio button next to Display as a menu. Click OK twice to save setting and close both windows.

NOTEIn XP click on the Advanced tab to access the options.

If you are using the Classic Start menu, click on the Customize… button and then click the check box next to Expand control panel. Click OK twice to save setting and close both windows.

Now, instead of having another window open when clicking on the Control Panel in the Start menu, all items will be displayed in a menu allowing you to click on any item.

No more extra window opening up to annoy you!

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Dylan Austin


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