Make Windows Vista look like Windows 7


Want to bring the look of the Windows 7 taskbar and interface to Windows Vista?  Thanks to the hard work of a dedicated Vista user, everyone can download a special visual style for Windows Vista that will transform your pc.  


Before you can install the new visual style the visual style engine must be patched to allow non-Microsoft visual styles.  Check out my article on using VistaGlazz to do that.

Once you have patched your visual style engine you are ready to install the theme:

  1. Visit deviantART and download the Windows 7 visual style. 
  2. Extract the files and navigate from the extraction location through Theme and Windows7.  There you will find the Windows7.msstyles file. Copy that file to c:\Windows\Resources\Themes.
  3. Next, just double-click on the file you copied and apply the new style. 
  4. If you want to make your taskbar only show application icons like Windows 7 follow these instructions. 

Don't forget to explorer the Extra folder. There you will find many Windows 7 icons, wallpapers and more to complete the Windows 7 look.

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