Mount Multiple ISO Images Using Virtual CloneDrive


I’ve previously written about mounting an ISO image in Windows Vista using Virtual CloneDrive, but I thought I’d go a step further and explain how you can mount more than one ISO at a time.

The thing I love about this application is how simple it is to mount an ISO… you just double-click it, and it’s mounted.

To add an extra virtual drive, go to your start menu, and launch Virtual CloneDrive from there. Change the dropdown for the number of drives to the number that you want.

When you double-click on an ISO image, it will always mount it in the first drive. If you want to mount a particular ISO in one of the other virtual drives, you need to open My Computer and right-click on the drive.

Choose Virtual CloneDrive from the menu, and then Mount. You’ll be prompted to pick the path to the ISO image.

If you want to unmount a drive, you can do the same thing but choose the Unmount option.

Note: This software does not work in Vista 64 bit edition.

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