How To Create A Task In Outlook?


Leaving in such a fast-paced world, most of us are fully occupied and keep a list of things to do — on paper, in a spreadsheet, or with a combination of paper and electronic methods. Microsoft Outlook provides a central location to dump all tasks/ideas, so you can combine various lists into one, and then you can get things done efficiently. The following article will show you how to create a task.

Create A Task In Outlook

1. Launch your Outlook.

2. In Outlook 2013 and 2010, make sure that you are in the Tasks section, then click Home  >  New Task.

Tip: Keyboard shortcut: press Ctrl + Shift + K to open the task editing window.

Note: In Outlook 2007, click File > New > Task.

3. The New Task editing window will pop up. In this window you can:

A: Type a name for the task in the Subject column.

B: Choose your start date and due date.

C: Describe the task's status.

D: Prioritize the task.

E: Check the Reminder box in order to get notice from the system.

F: You can also use the task tools on the ribbon to compose your task.

Note: When you deal with the date, you can type the date directly in the field or click the  button to select the date.

4. When you finish filling the task, click Save & Close to save your task and close the window.

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