Quickly Create Restore Point In Windows 7 Using Quick Restore Maker


One of the best practices to avoid Windows issues to create system restore points. I have seen users turning off system restore feature to save some disk space. Long time Windows users probably know how useful and time saving this feature is. For those who don’t know about System Restore Point, a System Restore Point helps you restore your Windows to a previous state in a few minutes.

One can use system restore point when Windows isn’t behaving as expected or when a newly installed program has corrupted system files. The best thing about this feature is that when you restore your windows to a previous date, System Restore feature doesn’t delete files and documents you have saved after creating the last restore point. For instance, if you have created a new text file on desktop after creating a system restore point, Windows doesn’t delete the text file when you restore your PC using that system restore point.

Another worth mentioning feature is that you can use system restore points without booting into Windows 7. That is, you can repair your Windows 7 installation by restoring it to a previous state, without booting into Windows. You just need Windows 7 DVD/USB or Windows 7 Recovery DVD to perform this operation.

We have already covered several free tools to quickly create restore point in Windows 7 and Vista. Although you can manually create a restore point before installing software or playing with system files, here is a simple tool that helps you create restore point with a click.


Quick Restore Maker

Quick Restore Maker is a handy utility, developed & released by our friends at TWCF, to successfully create a restore point quickly and easily. Download, extract and run QuickRestoreMaker (.exe) file to create a restore point in Vista and Windows 7.

Make sure that you haven’t disabled system restore feature before running this tool. If the system restore featured is disabled on your system, refer our how to enable system restore feature in Windows 7 guide.

If you’re on Windows 7, we recommend you check out our how to repair Windows 7 from USB flash drive without using DVD, create system repair disc in Windows 7, create Windows 8 recovery CD, and also how to recover Windows product key without booting into Windows guides might also interest you.

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