Quickly Hide Taskbar In Windows 7 With Taskbar Eliminator


In the past, we have covered Taskbar Hider tool to help you hide/show taskbar in Windows 7 and Vista with a keyboard shortcut. Here is yet another similar tool to hide Windows taskbar quickly and easily.

hide Windows 7 taskbar

Taskbar Eliminator is a small utility for Windows 7 and Vista that aids you hide Windows taskbar in a jiffy. Like Taskbar Hider this tool also allows you show/hide taskbar with a hotkey (keyboard shortcut). Use Alt + T keys to show/hide taskbar in Windows.

hide windows 7 taskbar


Once you install this tool, you can see an icon in the system tray, which can be used to launch preferences window or to quite the tool.

While Taskbar Eliminator is running press and hold Ctrl + Alt + T keys to quickly launch the preferences window. You can also make it run at Windows start-up if you would like to do so.

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