Quickly Lookup Word Definitions with TheFreeDictionary for IE 8


While browsing in Internet Explorer you may need a quick definition, thesaurus access, or a translation for a word. The Define with TheFreeDictionary accelerator lets you do all three as needed.

Define with TheFreeDictionary in Action

Installing the accelerator only takes a few moments. Click on Add to Internet Explorer and confirm the installation when the secondary window appears.


Once you find a word that you are curious about, the accelerator lets you view the definition “in tab” when you hover your mouse over the context menu listing.


A close-up of the definition for “catastrophe”. Keep in mind that during our tests the appearance of text-based ads in the definition windows seemed to be about 50/50.


You can access the thesaurus function…


And the translation function if needed in the popup window.


If you want more details for the particular word click on the accelerator’s listing in the context menu. A new tab will open with access to the dictionary, thesaurus, and translation information combined in one page.


Another example and this time no text-based ad displayed.



The Define with TheFreeDictionary accelerator can be useful when you need a quick definition, thesaurus access, or translation for a word while browsing.


Add the Define with TheFreeDictionary accelerator to Internet Explorer 8

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