Redo Backup And Recovery For Windows 10


There are plenty of free backup solutions available to create image backup of partitions and hard disk drives. Macrium Reflect Free, and EaseUS Todo Backup are the popular free applications in the category. While these software are great to backup data, the problem is that you must boot into Windows in order to create backup copy.

Professional backup solutions such as Norton Ghost and Acronis True Image enable you create and restore image backups without booting into Windows. If you are looking for a free software with ability to create image backup without booting into Windows, the free Redo Backup and Recovery is the ideal software for you.

Redo Backup and Recovery

Redo Backup and Recovery is more than just a backup solution. It is a Linux based Live CD and sports an easy-to-use graphical user interface. It helps you create and restore image backups without booting into Windows.

Redo Backup and Recovery

The live CD also includes some useful tools such as file manager, image viewer, terminal, text editor, and latest version of Chromium browser to surf the web.

You can also find a memory test tool, disk utility, drive reset, file recovery to recover deleted or lost files, logical volumes, partition editor to create, resize and delete partitions, and usage analyzer in the live CD. The Disk Utility provides you detailed information about your hard drive such as model, serial number, firmware version, SMART status, and also allows you edit filesystem label, delete volume, edit partition, check filesystem and mount volume.

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Drive Reset is the another advanced utility that lets you permanently delete all data on your hard drive and restore it to its original state. The best thing is that you can use Redo Backup and Recovery on any computer running Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux.

Download Redo Backup and Recovery

To use the Redo Backup and Recovery software you need to first download the ISO file and burn it using an ISO burner or Windows 7/8/10’s native ISO burner. If you prefer to use USB flash drive as bootable media, you can use Unetbootin utility to load Redo Backup and Recovery on to the flash drive.

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