Repair Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7 Without Installation CD/DVD


Unlike Windows 7, its prior versions Vista and XP don’t allow you create a system repair disc. Many of us don’t have an installation disc to repair our Vista or XP installations. If you are a Windows Vista user, you can always download the Vista Repair Disc for free to repair Vista boot and other problems.

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But there are no such options available for XP as you have to use the default Repair option present in the installation disc. As novice users always find it difficult to fix Windows XP boot problems or installation problems with or without the installation CD, here we have a cool solution to repair Windows XP boot problems without the installation CD.



Note that you can also use this guide to repair Windows Vista and Windows 7 as well. In this guide, we use a simple free tool called “Paragon Rescue Kit” that helps you repair most of Windows boot problems.


The beauty of this free program is that it offers you a simple step-by-step graphical user interface to repair Windows issues. Follow the procedure given below to repair Windows without the installation disc.


1. First you need to download Paragon Rescue Kit software. The setup file is 45 MB and is available to download for free at cnet download center.


2. Kick start the setup to see Unpack and Burn Wizard. As the title suggests, it allows you burn the Rescue Kit image to the CD/DVD. You need to register this program to receive the free product key and serial number. Simply click the given link and enter your name and email ID to receive registration key and number.

Repair Windows XP Boot Problems

Repair Windows XP

3. Once the rescue kit is ready to use, you can use the rescue CD/DVD on any PC.


4. Insert the previously burnt ISO-image of the bootable CD into the drive and then reboot your machine. Wait for a few seconds to see the first screen of the Rescue Kit program (see the screenshot below). If you are not able to boot into the Rescue Kit program, please make sure that you have set the default boot priority to CD/DVD drive in the BIOS.


5. Select normal mode to enter into the main menu.

Repair Windows XP Boot

6. In the main menu, you will see the following options:

rescue kit boot corrector

# File transfer wizard

# Boot Corrector

# Undelete Partition

# Log Saver

# Reboot the computer

# Power off


7. As we need to repair boot problem (s), select Boot Corrector option to see the boot repair options:

repair boot in Windows

# Search of valid Windows installations

# Correction of the Master Boot Record

# Correction of partition boot records

# Modification of partition parameters

# Correction of boot parameters (boot.ini, BCD)


As we are here to repair Windows boot related problem, select "Correct the Master Boot Record" option first and then follow the onscreen procedure to repair the Master Boot Record. And if you have been getting boot.ini missing or BCD related errors select the last option (Correct boot parameters).

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You can always click the Help button to find more information about the options available in the program.


8. Once you are done, click Finish button to revert to the main menu.


9. Click Reboot the computer option to eject CD and then to reboot the machine.



10. Good luck!


Windows 7 users can always refer our how to repair Windows 7 boot problems using the start-up repair tool guide.

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