Replace certificates on ADFS 3.0



Follow these steps if you want to achieve the same:

  • RDP to your ADFS 3.0 server
  • Import the new certificate to the Machine’s Personal Store
  • Make sure you have a private key that corresponds to this certificate. If not, go to the PC you requested the certificate on, export it from there and make sure to include the private key,


  • Assign the proper permissions to the Private Key for the ADFS Managed Service Account:


  • Make sure to select “Service Accounts” in when searching for the account.


  • Now switch to AD FS management, drill down to Certificates and select “Set Service Communication Certificate”


  • You will be prompted for the required certificate. If you don’t see the new certificate in the list of available certificates – it means you either don’t have the private key that corresponds to this certificate OR you didn’t import the cert correctly.

(next commands have to be done too - thanks Jaguar who mentioned this in a comment)

  • Run Get-AdfsSslCertificate. Make a note of the thumbprint of the new certificate.
    • If it's unclear which certificate is new, open MMC snappin, locate the new certificate and scroll down in the list of properties to see the thumbprint.


  • Run Set-AdfsSslCertificate -Thumbprint xxxxthumbprintofthenewsslcertxxxxx   (without spaces).
  • Restart the ADFS service

Optionally when using Web Application Proxy(s):

  • Copy and import the new certificate to the Web Application Proxy/Proxies which are not domain joined. Make sure the certificate is imported into the Machine Personal Store.
  • Switch the certificate on the Web Application Proxy, I personally did this by reinstalling the Web Application Proxy (requires a reboot) but it’s much easier to use the “Set-WebApplicationProxySslCertificate” cmdlet.
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