Replace System Files In Windows 7 With Se7en File Replacer Tool


Many a time we need to replace a system file to do some resource modification. As you many know, by default, Windows doesn’t allow you replace a system file easily. You need to take ownership of file first and then need to replace it with another file. To avoid this cumbersome task, here is a small named Se7en File Replacer that does the same job for you.

As the name suggests, it helps you replace a Windows 7 system files with ease. Download, extract and run the file to start replacing your system files. The program backups the old file first and then will replace it with the new file. You can either manually select a file or drag a file to the replacer’s box to replace the old file.

The Replacer will first look in the “system32” folder for a match with your new file, and if the old file is found it will be backed up and replaced without prompt, otherwise you will be asked to select it manually.

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