Resource Library for Identifying Unknown Windows DLL And Process Name


What's the secret to keeping your Windows PC running at top performance?

A good maintenance schedule to clean out the crapware and daily monitoring (virus and spyware scans) of your computer will always keep your system running smoothly.

But even the most dedicated maintenance and monitoring routines can come to a grinding halt when an unknown process is discovered.

For any seasoned Administrator or someone with lesser experience, unexpected discoveries can have you scratching your head wondering what it is.




For times like these, a resource such as Uniblue's can be invaluable.

ProcessLibrary provides a detailed online database for windows processes and DLL's while listing everything that should, and should not be running on your computer. Included is a detailed explanation and advice on whether the processes are important for the stability and security of your system.

See something unusual in Task Manager? Before you kill the process or delete a DLL, just run a search.


From the screenshot you can view the detailed description and recommendation along with general information of the process, where it should be located and if it's a security risk.

ProcessLibrary also includes two features. The first is a ProcessScanner that scans 
processes on your system and categorizes them by status, security threat performance 
requirements, network usage and source.

The second is ProcessQuickLink that hooks directly into Task Manager with a quick search feature to Processlibrary online database. Just click on the green information icon next to a process and it will open your browser to display information of the selected process.

NOTE: Both ProcessScanner and ProcessQuickLink requires Windows 2000, 2003, XP, or Vista.


With over 9000 entries and a huge process directory that you can browse by name,ProcessLibrary is a great resource to add to your system administration toolbox.

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