Reverse Windows 7 Taskbar Behavior With Drop2Open


The all new Windows 7 taskbar is perfect for most of Windows users to get things done quicker than ever. With default settings, when you drag and drop a file to the pinned or minimized application in taskbar, the file will be pinned to the program’s jump list.

windows 7 taskbar

The feature is good, but if you want to open a file quickly by simply dragging and dropping to the respective taskbar program, here is a simple script that reverses the default taskbar behavior for you. In other words, you can drag and drop a file to open it without holding the Shift key.

Reverse Windows 7 taskbar behaviour


Drop2Open is an AutoHotKey script for Windows 7 that lets you open a file by simply dragging and dropping the file to the pinned taskbar application. For example, you can drag and drop a music file to pinned Windows Media Player to start the file playing.


So, what if you want pin a file to jump list? Worry not! Hold Shift and then drag and drop a file to pin it to the jump list (or hold Shift key, select the file that you want to pin, release Shift key and then drag & drop). You might also want to know how to change Windows Media Player library background.

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