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We all love to customize Windows operating system by installing new visual styles and transformation packs. While installing a transformation pack is fairly simple job, many users prefer manually customizing Windows OS without installing any transformation packs as some transformation pack can’t be uninstalled completely, if required.

Taking file ownerships in Windows 7

The problem with manually customizing Windows is that we need edit or replace various original system files. For instance, in order to install some great looking visual styles (themes), we need to replace explorer.exe file as well. And to replace the original explorer.exe file, we first need to take the ownership of the file to be able to rename or replace it.

If you are into serious Windows customization, you probably know how difficult it is to take the ownership of a system file without the help of third-party tools. Thankfully, there are some cool tools out there that make taking file ownership and installing visual styles much easier. In the past, we covered how to take the ownership of a file or folder right from the context menu.



In this post, we have a small freeware to share with you that lets you take ownership of a file or folder just by dragging the file to the tool’s window.

GlassOwnership is another fine piece of software from the makers of Aero Tuner, Windows Media Player Library Background Changer, and Alt + Tab Tuner tools. As the name suggests, you just need to drag and drop the file that want to take ownership of.  For instance, if you wish to take the ownership of explorer.exe file, simply drag and drop the file into GlassOwnership’s box. Once the work is done, the tool displays done message.

This tool also integrates into the context menu, so that you can also take the ownership of a file or folder just with a right-click. That is, you don’t need to run GlassOwnership tool every time you want to take ownership of files and folders. And if you’re looking for a tool to install and manage themes without manually replacing system files, we recommend Theme Manager software.

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