The Definitive Guide On How To Clean Out Crapware In Windows Computer


Yep, many how-to guides and videos have been created that promise Windows users how to eliminate and remove junkware, spyware, left over registry entries, temp files, all of which is more commonly known as crapware.

And while some of them help, most only touch on one or two areas of Windows, that only leaves you just feeling half-cleaned (more like unscrubbed).

I recently came across one how-to guide written by George Ou that really dug deep and gives you a complete end to end how-to-de-gunk Windows computers once and for all.





George's demonstration used only Microsoft Sysinternals Autoruns and CCleaner. And while you may think, here we go again, George's credibility by itself is enough, he gets a little bit of help from Mark Russinovich.

If you  do not know who Mark Russinovich is, he's responsible for those life saving tools, such as Process Explorer and Autoruns, us System Admins have long come to depend on when troubleshooting Windows problems.

The article is very helpful for anyone, but new Windows users will appreciate George's definition of crapaware while listing the many examples of how crapware gets installed on your computer.

So if you want a detailed, take off the gloves approach to kicking 99% of crapware off your computer, check out How to fully de-gunk a PC of Crapware.

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